1. Why will be initial ALCZ liquidity locked on the competitor platform?
Launching a product such as liquidity locking requires proper planning, community building, and undergoing a code audit prior to product launch. Given that our primary focus is liquidity locking, we will relock our liquidity on our own platform to showcase its effectiveness as a proof of concept once we go fully live with the product.
2. Why launch the project during a bear market?
Alcatraz is designed to generate revenue irrespective of the market's condition. Project launches are accompanied by liquidity locks, serving as a commitment to the investors' interests. While establishing ourselves during a bear market, we anticipate substantial growth during a bull market. Notably, Alcatraz stands out by sharing revenue with token holders, a feature uncommon among liquidity lock platforms.
3. What are the future plans for Alcatraz?
Our plans extend beyond earning fees regardless of market conditions. We intend to diversify and augment revenue streams by incorporating significant real-life assets. This expansion includes the integration of NFTs that confer benefits to holders, adding an innovative dimension to the platform's offerings.