Revenue share

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Revenue Share
In the Alcatraz ecosystem, we believe in fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the project and its token holders. As an integral part of our commitment to transparency and community engagement, we introduce the innovative concept of "Revenue Share." This initiative ensures that token holders not only have a stake in the project's success but also actively participate in the revenue generated by the project.
How It Works:
Token holders are involved in revenue sharing based on the following streams:
  1. 1.
    75% Liquidity Lock Flat fee: An impressive portion of the fees generated from liquidity-locking operations is directed back to our token holders.
  2. 2.
    75% of the 0.8% LP Value fee - is directed back to our token holders.
  3. 3.
    1% Buy/Sell Token Fees: 1% of the fees generated from buying and selling ALCZ tokens on our platform is distributed back to our loyal token holders.
Staking Vault & Dashboard
We want to make each other's lives easier and aim for full efficiency. Therefore, we will open a Staking Vault where token holders can participate in the revenue stream.
  • The basic components for the upcoming week's distribution will include 1% Token Fees and the 75% Liquidity Lock fees generated throughout the week.
  • 75% of the 0.8% LP Value fee will be distributed back to Vault once we determine the LP has grown to a reasonably large size to inject it into Vault. Monthly or Quarterly
  • Just before distribution, we will auto-check addresses that had tokens staked in the Vault for a minimum of 7 days. All those addresses will be eligible to claim a revenue share in the Dashboard for the previous week.
  • There are no fees to stake or unstake tokens from the Staking Vault, and you can unstake them at any time.
  • There is no minimum requirement for the amount of tokens a user can stake in the vault; all stakers are eligible for revenue sharing.
  • The revenue share is proportional to the number of tokens a user stakes.
Future Insights:
While we are excited to introduce this revenue-sharing model, we acknowledge your curiosity about our venture's specifics. We are pleased to announce that more details about our company, the industries we are entering, and our vision will be unveiled in a dedicated media coverage article. What we can reveal at this point is that our company will be headquartered in Switzerland, a strategic location known for its stability and innovation.
Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we forge ahead on this groundbreaking journey together. Your participation is not only valued but actively rewarded as we redefine the relationship between project and community in the Alcatraz ecosystem.